Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday, October 24

First off we gain an extra hour very favourite night of the year. They also celebrate Hallowe'en here, and just like at home they are busy putting up all the Christmas lights on the streets. I couldn't figure out what they were doing, the weather does not say Christmas. About 24 today and sunny.

Great day in Lisbon. We didn't get up until 8...those yung people were just as quiet as church mice. They prepared us a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast and we were off. First stop , the expo 98 site where they have a fabulous oceanarium.. the finest I have ever been in. Off to Belem after to eat famous pastries (I wouldn't make a secial trip to Portugal for them, but they were good) A really good modern art gallery with a couple of very interesting installations. A long ride around the city on the trolley and we were bagged. The subway here is so incredibly easy. All colour~coded, new, clean and pretty. They give new meaning to busking here. A guy on the subway playing the accordian with his dog on his shoulder.

Tonight is all the beer you can drink until the keg is empty for 2 euros. This is followed by a bar crawl. We are taking a pass. We ate in. Bar~-b-cued chicken and salad. We were starving and it was delicious. Off to bed early. Greetings from Portugal.


  1. talk about finding your groove....emptying kegs and bar crawls....Gerry in confession for a while...must've talked to the Priest about the Habs...tear it up guys.

  2. if you need us to reach Breen, just ask....24 in Lisbon...sweet....sunny and 8 you...Eileen sends you guys her love

  3. Always good to hear from you. Who would have thought confession...I would have gone but the guy did not have the time. The weather has been perfect, the wine even better, and the overall experience amazing.Best wishes to all.