Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday, October 3

Boadilla was great. The owner has creayed a lovely respite in the middle of a dusty meseta, and he really caters to the pilgrims. Granted, there is absolutely nothing else happening in the village. Gerry and I had a good nights sleep for once.

Today we are in Carrion de los condes. We are staying at the monestery. We lucked in to a room for two. What a luxury. No snoring. We just had a beer with some friends. A really great couple from Calgary, a gal from Montana, and a couple of Australians. Unfortunately they are all about our age...we miss the young ones. The brazilians are here drinking copious amouts of beer, but they are young and crazy and will push on.

The walk from Fromista was easy but boring. There are concret posts along a straight gravel path every one hundred feet marking the way. Where are the waymarkers when you need them? As well, it counts down the kiƱometres. 15, 14, 13 etc., talk about destination obsessed. it is so not pilgrimigy. We will eat in tonight. Typical fare. Bread, cheese, tomato, olives, cured meats and tuna. I also bought some tinned octopus...I will probably be the only one to partake.

I am happy to get the internet. It is not readilly (?) can`t figure this word out at all, available and extremely slow. Tomorrow is a long walk in the wasteland, and so I don´t think that there will be internet available.

We have been discussing Canadian Thanksgiving and I will keep you posted. Until then.

Buen Camino

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