Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday October 26

The chicken and Sangria was great. The young staff at the hostel were really wonderful. They have their hands full with the some of the young people passing through though...they appear to be there to party only, and sometimes this goes on all night. Not much sleep last night!!! We are at a great hostel in Lagos. We took the bus down this morning from Lisbon and just spent the afternoon at the beach...all the young girls are curled up in front of the TV watching a movie. It is georgous out...go to the beach!!! I guess they are resting up for tonight.

Today was a good day to lay low as I have caught a nasty cold..hope I will be feeling better by tomorrow. Poor me.

Not much to ,a rather quiet day as things go. I think we will dine out this evening and go to some of the other beaches tomorrow. There is a bar-b-cue here so we wioll go to the market tomorrow and get some nice fish to grill. Hope the weather is good at home and everybody is busy decorating for Halowe'en.

Until next time.

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