Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday October 27

A fabulous day on the Algarve. You have to excuse all the typing errors. this particular computer is so well used that the keys donçt have the markings on the keys...and you all know what a wonderful typist I am. The weather has been fabulous, althoigh it clouded over a bit this afternoon.

Dinner last night was amazing. Enough food to feed four. I had the recommended prawns and they were fabulous. Gerry had the lamb stew of the day which was excellent and enough to feed four. We managed to eat it all. We ran into a friend from Montrel so it was doubly fun.

The beaches here are amazing. Tall sandstne cliffs with steps down to coves that are beautiful. The place is full of brits. All you here is english. My cold is improving and we are heading off to Seville tomorrow. I wouldnçt buy a place here ...way to english, and pretty expensive, but it is really pretty. Have to run, we are grilling some fish, salad and sweet potatoes. I am starving. Then out to a pub for karioke.

Talk later


  1. hey Joanne and Gerry
    Wow read your blog...I'm exhausted just reading it...how do you guys do it...every day walking...things are great Camille is getting ready to go to OPHBand camp for the week and applying to all those universities Céleste won YRAA and is off to OFSAA for field hockey...still loving gr 9 playing flute and sax and no problems...
    Thinking of you both...when you're tired and hurt the best advice is DRINK...Sky and gang

  2. Grade 9 and that daughter of yours is off to OFSAA..what a gal. Hope the girls music lessons are going swimmingly and school is sailing along. All the best to all four of you..and the cats too, of course.