Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday October 9

Today we are in Rabanal de camino. A lovely old town with nothing here. I have a very bad leg, shin splints I think, that makes walking excruciating painful. I was hoping for a pharmacy with ibuprofen and a wrap, but no such luck. Fortunately someone gave me some ibuprofen, and I was able to wrap a scarf around my leg. I will see how it goes tomorrow. I will walk as long as I can and then try to grab a bus or taxi. Problem is we are in the middle of nowhere and we don´t speak the language. There is a Spanish family having dinner as I write this, mother father and three kids, and even though I can´t understand a word they are saying, the body language and the arguments with the kids are universal, so maybe I will be able to figure it out after all.

One more San Martin story for the road. Gerry hemmed and hawed about buying walking sticks before we left Toronto...he decided against it. InLeon Gerry hemmed and hawed about buying one walking stick...he visited the store twice...he decided against it. At the supermarket in San martin they had broomstick handles for 2 euros...he has a walking stick!

Up the mountain tomorrow. I will keep you posted on the leg. So much for feeling rightous about no blisters.

Buen Camino


  1. Hope your enoying yourselves,
    Theres a nice tall bridge above spadina, I'm sure you could few weeks there minus the shin splints and blisters...why not?